Extend The Life Of Your Tires With Regular Rotations

Your tires are the one piece of equipment on your vehicle that is designed to make contact with the road while driving, so naturally, they suffer from some of the greatest wear and tear. That is why doing a regular rotation every 3000-5000 miles is of upmost importance, and at Brickner’s of Antigo, we’re happy to rotate your tires and have you ready to take on the next few thousand miles in no time!


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Put the Most Trust in Your Vehicle by Having it Maintained at the Dealership

Taking your vehicle to be maintained or repaired is inevitable. You know how vital it is to care for your vehicle and keep it performing at the highest level. A challenge comes when you have to decide where to take it for the repairs; a local garage or dealership? Below are the tips to consider why it’s important to choose our dealership over local mechanics.

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Pay Attention to the Dashboard Lights

You have seen the dashboard lights when you start your car. But have you really looked at them well enough to know what they mean? You should know what they all mean because they are important indicators...

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Convenient and Hassle-Free Fluid Service for Vehicles

Are vehicle problems giving you grief? Fluid problems may actually be the big, bad culprit. Cars require the assistance of a variety of essential fluids. Key examples are both coolant and transmission fluid. Drivers who want to depend on cars that are in A+ shape need to make proper fluid maintenance their goals.

Transmission fluid offers lubricant benefits. If you want your car to stand the test of time, transmission fluid changes can often do the trick.

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Solutions to Your Poorly Lit Car Headlights

Car developers have taken car design to a higher level in matters of technology, performance and aesthetics, among many others. However, when it comes to the car headlights, things have taken a back seat since not many manufacturers focus on them. It has become quite a problem for those who drive cars at night on poorly lit streets.


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5 Reasons to Drive Free with a New SUV

Everyone knows that an SUV is a safe, reliable vehicle, especially for off-road driving and hauling an ATV or other sports vehicles. Not everyone is into sports, so you may be interested in an SUV for other reasons.
  • Driving with Rowdy Kids Let's face it, kids are squirmy and easily excitable. An SUV provides additional stimuli for their growing minds.
  • Using in Rural Areas If you live at the end of a muddy road, a Jeep SUV can enable to you get home, no matter what.
  • Getting Around a Large Estate Taking care of a large estate, plantation, farm…
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Getting a Used Car

Most consumers choose to purchase a new vehicle whenever they are shopping for one. While a new vehicle provides a number of benefits, used vehicles are a quality option as well.

Getting a used car enables consumers to get a vehicle that gives them all of the benefits of a new vehicle, but at a lower cost. Used vehicles also retain their value longer and are therefore good to get if you want trade in value. Since cars can be expensive, used vehicles provide consumers with an opportunity to get a top vehicle at a lower price.

Anyone interested in…
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