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Motor Oil - Know the Myths from the Facts

Although every vehicle owner knows the importance of changing the oil regularly, many still have questions due to the various myths that are still around. If you’re one of these individuals who can’t distinguish myth from fact, stop at Brickner’s of Antigo and speak with our trained professionals.

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Stopping a Potential Blowout with Car Tires

If you know what to look for with car tire trouble, you have the chance to stop serious issues with a tire blowout. Keep this tips in mind each week you are driving the vehicle.

Cracks in the tire treads can be troublesome, but when they start to appear on the sidewall of the tire, it is reasons for real concern. If the cracks in the tire have you worried. 

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Finding the Best Motor Oil for your Car

The market has many different motor oil choices today, and it can be very confusing when you need to change your oil. The best place to start is checking your vehicle’s manual. All car manufacturers provide a recommendation on the oil weight based on different weather conditions. As such, it is important to choose your motor oil based on the details on the motor oil bottle.

The efficiency of motor oils is normally determined by their viscosity. 

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Selecting the Right Fuel Pump is Key for Proper Engine Performance

In order to keep running, your car engine needs large quantities of fuel supplied to it on a consistent basis. The fuel delivery system fills this demand, and the heart of this system is a component called a fuel pump.

Modern fuel pumps that are designed for fuel-injected motors can generate relatively high pressures. 

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Brake Fluid - Understanding Its Role

Also known as hydraulic fluid, brake fluid is a non-compressive substance that’s responsible for keeping our brakes functionally correctly. Few things are more dangerous in our vehicles than ineffective brakes. When you bring your vehicle to Brickner’s of Antigo, we’ll check out your brake system to ensure its working properly.

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Signs It's Time to Have Your Exhaust System Fixed

There are a number of things that can go wrong with your exhaust system. You can get holes in system, causing your engine to no longer be muffled. In addition, clogs within the system can cause your car to produce toxic fumes that go out into the air.

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How to Tell If a Hose Needs Replaced

Cars have many different types of hoses that perform many different types of actions. They can carry fuel, brake fluid, coolant, oil, and other required fluids to different parts of the vehicle. A leaky or nearly worn out hose can result in significant engine damage if not noticed. Here are some signs we look for at Bricknor’s of Antigo to make sure the hoses are functioning properly.

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Total Cost of Ownership

When you're in the market to buy a new or used vehicle, it is important to properly budget your total vehicle expenses. While it is easy to factor in the cost of your auto loan payment, there are many other expenses that need to be factored in as well. 

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