The Ram 3500 is here at Brickners of Antigo, Inc, and we are ready and waiting for you to come to see it and try it for yourself. It is the perfect vehicle to take with you wherever you want to go due to the performance quality and the comfortable interior. Once you leave Antigo, WI, you have nothing to worry about in the Ram 3500.

You can store your luggage for your next vacation in the bed of the truck, or if you have no extra passenger, you can fold down the rear, leather seats for storage in the cabin. Do not worry if you have backseat passengers though, as there is storage under the floor and under the seats.

You will also remain entertained for your whole ride, even if you run into a place without service due to the Wi-Fi hotspot that is built-in. The 12-inch infotainment touchscreen is large enough for everyone to see, and it hosts features such as Pandora music and compatibility with your smart devices through the mobile application.

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