Tech People Will Absolutely Love the All-New Chrysler 300

New inventions are created daily. Some scientists are making extraordinary findings, while others simply get lucky with their discoveries. For most of us, we prefer to just enjoy the outcome of natural developments and unplanned discoveries. Let us at Brickner’s of Antigo in Antigo, WI introduce the all-new Chrysler 300 tech features, so you can discover them for yourself.

Strap in your seat and feel like a pilot in the cockpit because you have access to so many awesome tech features. First, there is the standard SiriusXM radio, so you do not miss a beep. This feature also has a Guardian system that automatically contacts to Roadside Assistance when needed and makes SOS calls when there is an emergency.

Some of us are always scrambling looking for a charging outlet. Worry no more. This vehicle has an accessible media hub that comes equipped with two standard-sized USB ports and one AUX audio jack.

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