Dodge Durango's Fuel Efficiency Touches

Automotive tech thrills us at Brickners of Antigo, Inc. Recently, we have been thrilled by the Dodge Durango in Antigo, WI. A popular, mid-size SUV, the Durango's design easily catches attention, and its capabilities routinely draw interest. Today, we want to highlight a surprising capability. The Durango travels more than 600 highway miles between gas fill-ups.

Dodge achieves this by building a heat-recycling design into Durango's drivetrain. Recycled heat lets the SUV garner more power and mileage from the fuel it uses. If you choose Durango's available HEMI power plant for maximum horsepower and torque, you will still possess a highway trip capacity that exceeds 500 miles.

To further advance its fuel efficiency, Durango deploys a modern, eight-speed transmission. This transmission is automatic, but you can also choose its shift points via the paddles on Durango's steering wheel or the shift knob in its console. No matter how you interface with your Dodge Durango, its transmission will constantly seek the ideal gear to extend its mileage.

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