The Dodge Grand Caravan: Designed for Safety

Brickner’s of Antigo believes that the 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan is an outstanding family minivan that will get you and your passengers around Antigo, WI safely and comfortably. With its high-strength steel frame, it can keep you protected. It was designed to maximize its overall impact performance and has seven different airbags to cushion you and your passengers in case of an impact.

To make it easy and safe to get in and out of parking spots, the Dodge Grand Caravan comes equipped with a ParkView backup camera. It will provide you with a wide-angle view of everything behind your car in order to minimize your blind spot. The image will be easy to view on the Uconnect Touchscreen so that you can stop before you hit anything.

The child safety locks can prevent small hands from opening the doors from the inside and keep everyone safe.

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