Selecting the Right Fuel Pump is Key for Proper Engine Performance

In order to keep running, your car engine needs large quantities of fuel supplied to it on a consistent basis. The fuel delivery system fills this demand, and the heart of this system is a component called a fuel pump.

Modern fuel pumps that are designed for fuel-injected motors can generate relatively high pressures. The fuel lines and injectors that the fuel pump supplies need to be pressure-rated for the specific pump in use.

Many fuel pumps are rated by their capacities and pressure ratings. To the uninitiated, these measures can be hard to decipher.

The good news is, at our facility in the Antigo area, we can provide you with skilled and certified fuel system technicians who can help you to select the right pump for your vehicle. To have a fast, no-obligation consultation with our experts, come by our service center at Brickner’s of Antigo today.

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