Jeep Cherokee Expanded Capabilities for Off-Road

Jeep Cherokee is known for taking its owners into the unknown. Since 1974, Jeep Cherokee has been improving its ability to bring off-road adventures to those who want a little more from life. Check out the new expanded off-road capabilities of this popular compact 4x4 SUV.

Jeep Cherokee wants you to be able to take the road less traveled, so they have enhanced the maneuverability of their vehicles so that they can easily navigate around any surprises that may suddenly appear. They have improved their suspension system to make it more flexible, yet without sacrificing stability. Improved traction allows you to navigate steep grades with ease. The new version of the Jeep Cherokee can cross water that would be impossible in any other vehicle.

If you foresee adventure in your future, then it is time to stop by Brickner’s of Antigo to test drive a new Jeep Cherokee today.

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