How to Tell If a Hose Needs Replaced

Cars have many different types of hoses that perform many different types of actions. They can carry fuel, brake fluid, coolant, oil, and other required fluids to different parts of the vehicle. A leaky or nearly worn out hose can result in significant engine damage if not noticed. Here are some signs we look for at Bricknor’s of Antigo to make sure the hoses are functioning properly.

Understanding your suggested maintenance cycle as written in the owner’s manual is the first step. If you are over the suggested mileage it is time to replace the hose, even if it may show no other signs. Additionally, pay attention to an increase rate of fluid consumption, and if you are having to add fluids at a greater rate than previously needed. You can also look for signs of leaks in your driveway or by placing cardboard under the engine block while parked.

Leaky hoses can result in catastrophic and costly engine damage, something we aim to prevent at Bricknor’s of Antigo. Bring your vehicle in today for an inspection.

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