How Using Rock Salt, Sand or Kitty Litter Can Keep You on the Road This Winter

There are several things that most drivers swear by as the best things to have in your vehicle throughout the winter in case you ever get into a ditch, snow bank or encounter a slippery hill you cannot get up. Rock salt, sand or kitty litter.

Rock salt, which is pure sodium chloride and not quite like your table salt, works extremely well to melt away the snow and the ice but it dissolves into a pool of water, losing its grit factor. This is where the sand comes in handy. Applying sand after your salt will make sure you always have a gritty surface to work with. Kitty litter will also work quite well but it has the serious drawback of becoming very sticky and mucky when it gets wet so the time-frame it has of being useful ends up being quite short.

All of us here at Bricknor’s of Antigo wish you a happy and safe winter season and please, remember to drive safely.

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