Brake Fluid - Understanding Its Role

Also known as hydraulic fluid, brake fluid is a non-compressive substance that’s responsible for keeping our brakes functionally correctly. Few things are more dangerous in our vehicles than ineffective brakes. When you bring your vehicle to Brickner’s of Antigo, we’ll check out your brake system to ensure its working properly.

Having good brakes is more than just replacing the brake pads, shoes or calipers. Without a good supply of brake fluid running through the brake line, the vehicle would lose its stopping power. Because our brakes are always working for us, we tend to overlook the role brake fluid plays in keeping our vehicle on the road.

Not sure if your vehicle is in need of brake fluid or other maintenance? Has it been awhile since your car had a checkup? Stop in at our Antigo, WI service center and let our technicians check it out or schedule an appointment.

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