Signs It's Time to Have Your Exhaust System Fixed

There are a number of things that can go wrong with your exhaust system. You can get holes in system, causing your engine to no longer be muffled. In addition, clogs within the system can cause your car to produce toxic fumes that go out into the air.

If your car is louder than normal or you smell fumes while driving your vehicle, you need to have your exhaust system fixed. At Brickner’s of Antigo, we handle all kinds of car repairs, including problems with your exhaust system that cause you to fail an inspection. When your car fails emissions testing, this is because the toxic air coming from your vehicle is higher than the amount regulated.

You must get your car repaired in order for your car to pass inspection, or you may not be able to drive your car. No matter what is going on, we will identify the problem to repair it. Schedule your appointment today!

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