Dodge Grand Caravan Improves Fuel Efficiency

The versatility of the Dodge Grand Caravan is one of the features that customers like best about it. You can easily configure the space to haul either people, the things that they need, or a little of both. Now Grand Caravan owners in Antigo know that their favorite minivan has even more to offer with improved fuel efficiency through advanced technology.

At Brickner’s of Antigo sales associates are happy to introduce the fuel economizer feature that allows this minivan to achieve maximum fuel efficiency. The driver only needs to press the ECON button on the dashboard and the technology will adjust the timing and transmission shift points to achieve maximum fuel economy.

The engineers at Dodge decided to up the ante even more by adding low resistance tires to the mix. This creates the ultimate minivan that gets you and your crew where you are going without breaking the bank.

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