The Right Vehicle makes Traveling with Pets Easier

Our pets are not just faithful companions, but can be full on members of our family. When you take a road trip or go out for a day, you may want to take your pets with you. This is a great idea, so long as you take a few basic considerations in mind. Here are a few things that you can do to make traveling with pets in the car easier:

Use durable seat covers to help reduce minor pet accidents and hair on your upholstery. Make sure that you have a small bowl with bottled water and a package of snacks in the trunk. Keep an extra leash and collar in the truck and make sure that the ID tag for your pet is up to date.

If you travel with your pet a lot, then when buying your next new or pre-owned vehicle, choosing one that is accommodating to pets. An SUV or minivan is a great way to not only provide more room for the family, but also for your pets as well. Wagons, crossovers, and larger sedans can also be good choices. Why not come in to see us at Brickner’s of Antigo of Antigo, WI, and take a look around our lot and showroom. Let our friendly and experienced sales team members help you select the perfect vehicle for your personal needs and that is right for your pets as well.

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