Interesting Food Travel Facts for This Holiday Season

Traveling with food in your car during the holiday season can be a huge obstacle for some people as a great number of us travel to a friend or family member's home to share the Holidays. When traveling with your food dishes, carefully prepared for the occasion, making sure they arrive not only edible but presentable can be a worrisome endeavor.

The more delicate items such as pastries, cookies, and pies can bring about some of the most trouble. One swift trick for many cakes and almost all pies is to simply freeze them, place an inverted pie tin over the top of them and tape it together.

These can now get stacked on top of one another and placed into a box lined with either kitchen towels or newspaper to fill the empty space. Then simply place the box somewhere secure in your vehicle, the floorboard in the backseat behind the passenger or driver's seat works great for this.

All of us here at Brickner’s of Antigo wish you a happy holiday and safe travels this season!

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