Do Not Ignore Your Check Engine Light

If you see that your check engine light is on, then you may feel like there is an urgent issue. In most cases, it is simply a warning that you need to come see us soon. If you are happening to be driving an older car that still has a gas cap, then try that before you come see us as that is one of the very common reasons the check engine light comes on. There are other reasons, however, that this light comes on.

Check O2 Sensor

Another reason that the warning light may come on is that your O2 sensor might be going bad. This sensor helps to keep the fuel and air mixture right for your vehicle. This inexpensive part wears out over time. When it does, the car will not get good fuel economy, so replacing it may actually save you money.

If your check engine light is on, then you should come down to our service department at Brickner’s of Antigo! We will service your vehicle with our quality experience and pinpoint the problem. Then, we can recommend the correct procedure to fix it as ignoring the light is never a good idea.

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