Extend The Life Of Your Tires With Regular Rotations

Your tires are the one piece of equipment on your vehicle that is designed to make contact with the road while driving, so naturally, they suffer from some of the greatest wear and tear. That is why doing a regular rotation every 3000-5000 miles is of upmost importance, and at Brickner’s of Antigo, we’re happy to rotate your tires and have you ready to take on the next few thousand miles in no time!

By regularly rotating your tires it allows them to wear evenly, which not only helps to increase their longevity, but also keeps them in better condition which makes them safer for you to be riding on. Bringing your car, truck, or SUV into our service department here in Antigo, WI to have your tires rotated also maximizes their exposure to the trained eyes of our service technicians. That way any potential issues with them can be quickly identified early on, helping to save you money down the road. So schedule your next service appointment online or come see us at Brickner’s of Antigo today and we’ll get your tires rotated and ready to go before you know it!

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