Do You Know Where Your Car Comes From?

You probably want to know as much as possible about a car before you buy it. So you read up on the specs, inspect every inch of the car, and go for attest drive. If you could check out the factory where it was built, you would. Well, now you can. Chrysler now has online tours of the factory where cars like the Chrysler 200 were built.

Here at Brickner's of Antigo we think online factory tours are a great idea. It shows customers how the cars are made, and what makes them stand out from other brands, which can help them decide if this is the car they want. For example, this video showed us one process that the 200 goes through that makes the roof last longer. That's something only the factory can tell you.

If this has you interested in learning some more about the Chrysler 200, pay us a visit at our Antigo, WI dealership. We would love to tell you all about it.

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