Dodge Time Travels in Durango for "Defiance" TV Spot

Ever wonder what lives beyond our planet, or what those other-worldly beings would think of us? According to Chrysler Group and the Syfy network, aliens would think we drive some pretty sweet cars. Now entering its second season, the video game-based Defiance TV series brings the extraterrestrials right into your home via the rough-and-tough Dodge Durango, sporting a bruised "makeunder" for the very dusty year 2046. Even faux rust can't detract from the Durango's rugged good looks.

With the SUV's agility, powerful V8 option, new eight-speed automatic transmission and aggressive restyling, it's no wonder Chrysler chose this vehicle to face the apocalypse. And considering the addition of an 8.4-inch dashboard display and optional rear-seat Blu-ray player, you may not even notice the world as we know it ending outside your door.

Get the scoop from the designers on how Dodge redesigned some of their toughest contenders for the doomful future:

Come test drive the Durango in all its 2014 glory at our Brickner's of Antigo dealership, conveniently located in Antigo, WI.

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